Regrets? No

I think if you told someone you love them
I would hope that they wouldn’t
ignore you
Cause it would break your heart
But I guess for some
It’s okay
To throw a person away
Like they don’t matter
And so.on and so.forth
Until it happens to them someday

Thank you lovers who love
For.being so brave
That you can say ‘I love you’
and be strong and still have love
When the person you love doesn’t love you back
don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t make the time to show you care or compassion
What you feel they will feel from someone someday
But you will have moved on to much.better things by the time they do
I love the lovers who can love
And live with an open heart


One thought on “Regrets? No

  1. Your poetry breaks my heart i can relate, i may think you may be a broken victim of love of a woman…but on the other hand as i facebook spy on you as i have my neices password, i see you rokn n a rolln happy gay kickin arsse of a chick…You ARE THE HELL OF AN F ING MYSTERY.. (Written @ the LK)


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