It’s hard to get over you

But what do you do for me?

Nothing important

Money don’t mean shit

Money doesn’t make you a good person

Especially money that you didn’t even work hard for

I forgive you for being a product of abuse and crazy tall tells and anger and no love

You only “love” what’s easy to love

You have no real strength as a man

You’ll have no real strength to make it beyond this physical world

Your hate just breeds hate

That’s so easy

And lame

Your love made me change

But like every control freak narcissist

You withhold love just cause you can

You’re a weak ass man

In everyone’s book

You don’t know who you are

Cause your bipolar Bullshit

Makes you flip

Makes you trip out

On things that don’t even exist

Love does exist and it’s the one thing you don’t and won’t and will never have

Cause you never had it given to you at the age you really needed it

So anyone that does now or did love you before

You destroy

Before they have any chance to destroy you

Which most times isn’t what they’re doing at all

So sad

So sad to see such potential wasted cause you were broken the day you were born

I forgive you for hurting me

Cause you can’t change. You don’t want to but it’s cause you can’t.

Its something you incapable of doing

Everyone else does things to better themselves and others and you just think you’re fine the way you are cause you had to tell yourself that in order to survive

Sad little man

That I loved so much

I feel for you

Cause once someone gets to know the real you

You make them not want to feel anything for you at all

It’s easy to love someone who doesn’t need love cause they already have it

It’s not easy to love someone like you who actually needs it

And I did

But you didn’t care about any of that

I forgive you

For all the hurt you caused

I forgive you for being cruel and hurtful when you the chance to turn it around and be better

You choose hate everytime

And that is who you are.

I can’t and won’t change that

You won’t either

That’s just the truth

You don’t know how to love anything right

And I dint blame you for that

You’re disabled in that way

And I feel sorry for someone like you

Someone else made you this way

And you are clueless

To the fact that your way is an awful way to be.

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