Last note

Last night

You held me close

You showed me love

And were the person I fell in love with again

That’s why I love you

But you changed as quickly as you drank that bottle of tequila

And became this other person

Who wants to hate me

And who doesn’t care about me at all

After all the many times this has happened

(It always happens after a bottle of tequila)

I know now that you really don’t care about me at all

That other you tells me you don’t want me around

And I’ve tried to be strong so many times

But you knock me down

And then ask me back.

And I’m dumb cause I remember the love only

And forget about how many times you’ve shown me and told me you don’t want me and don’t love me

So now I’ll believe that side is the real you and the loving side is just temporary. Hardly there never stays. And it never lasts.

I’ll remember the love you gave for those few moments and cherish them forever. And think of you as someone I once loved but died long ago.

And your evil side a stranger I don’t know and don’t want to ever know

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