Black Sheep Boy – by Tim Hardin

Here I am back home again
I’m here to rest
All they ask is where I’ve been
Knowing I’ve been West

I’m the family’s unowned boy
Golden curls of envied hair
Pretty girls with faces fair
See the shine in the Black Sheep Boy

If you love me, let me live in peace
Please understand
That the black sheep can wear the golden fleece
And hold a winning hand

I’m the family’s unowned boy
Golden curls of envied hair
Pretty girls with faces fair
See the shine in the Black Sheep Boy

I’m the family’s unowned boy
Golden curls of envied hair
Pretty girls with faces fair
See the shine in the Black Sheep Boy

-tim hardin




Goodbye uncle James

My heart is broken.  You are a good uncle and great person and i’m sad that you’re not here with us anymore.  I’m happy that you have peace now

F. F.Y.S.KB.T.T.B. A dick

I find it stupid
Yes stupid
You stupid
That you hang out with such a loser
Who’s not really good to anyone
Cause you’re smarter than that
Or at least I thought…
You’re loyal to a fucking fool
You’re loyal to a fucking tool
And i don’t think you are so i thought you were

cool story bro’ (ha)

talk it up big
like it’s something great
i don’t hate
just to hate
when something’s good
to appreciate

but it’s not

you got a lot
that’s not
and a lot more
That you steal
but you keep it up
to keep the crowds appeal

Cool story bro
And man you’ve got stories to tell
As you only talk about yourself up
you sell yourself well
To the people who don’t know you
But for me to see
You do what you to
Is fucking hell
All the names you drop
And you never stop
As you climb your stupid self
To what you think is the top
Of the shit pile
You Keep on playing it off
Keep on playing it cool
play it dumb
Play it down
Cause you are such a tool
And a fool
You are
Just that bro
In hollyweird
That everyone encounters
But no one wants to know

Off-white cottage cheese 

Plastered walls
Dirt stained maybe white
Once upon a time
Before the layers of
Unwashed skin
I hate the walls
That lead to nothing
I hate the walls that
Keep me somewhere
i don’t wanna be
In the mess
Of the messy head
I’m already in
And your walls
Make it in the sink
In the madhouse
In the thick
…of it
To rot like shit
With the flick of a switch
With the turn of a key
Under lock down
under beat down
Inside a bin
To collect all the crazies in
The Crazy stay crazy
the mad stay mad
numbed up
dumbed down
my end is here
with white walls that lead to nowhere
yet live on forever….

by kyoko cole

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You really got a hold on me

I can’t stand to see you across from me
Yet not with me. 
I want to just break
In pieces
At the sight
Of you
With someone else
Cause I just love being with you.

Cut #5423

Whatever is right or wrong
There is no right or wrong of that
Way back when
You can’t rehash over shit that is so far gone in days
And so far drunk is haze
That memory does nothing
To separate the days
And fact becomes fiction.
fiction becomes fable
And You and i
are not very able
To bring any good out of that
Which is not
That important
when it comes down to the grind
When we fight about past shit
I start to fucking lose my mind
And it brings me back to a time
I can’t comprehend
And all I want is for this to end
Please end
The only way to get over something is to get yourself through
The thing that most of us forever avoid
And after cut #5423
And maybe a half
I can only just sit back
Look at at what I’ve done to myself (again) and laugh
Not funny ha ha
Not funny hee hee
But not ever quite sane
Stuck in a loop
Of wax and wane
Over and over and over again

How many scars do I have to gain?
To see how much of myself I’ve lost.
At such a cost
All because  of me
All because of we and me.

The bathroom Is no longer my safe place
I guess it never really was before
Just cause I could lock the door
Doesn’t mean u could get out
Not something safe.
And neither are any of you