My one wish

artwork by kyoko cole

If I ever had a connection with anyone Right now is the time to feel me I can't speak the words I can't move I can't go to you I need you to feel me And do something Or not Maybe that's the way it needs to be But if that's the case Then nothing … Continue reading My one wish

Mister selfish

You fucked up royally this time There won't be a next User Abuser Loser You are those things by the way you choose to behave Cause you are aware But right now You really don't care How to treat others Cause you're so consumed with treating yourself To everyone and everything you please Remember this … Continue reading Mister selfish

Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover a hundred and one ways to die

the ghost of my friends

This is not a prison. This is a trap. I am the bait. ___________________________________________________________ Having balls is a good thing having raw passion is a good thing and a rare thing. To have both passion AND balls is what makes someone great. I miss the great ones I miss the lovers and the dreamers/creators I … Continue reading the ghost of my friends

take your dirty hands off my mirror

sun shines summer comes again it's been 3 years and i don't feel a thing like i should like i could take that thought out of mind and then we will all be fine some day some day they say after this we will be fine again when we return the sun sets and day … Continue reading take your dirty hands off my mirror