I’d rather not

I’d rather not Be around People Who I can’t trust Cause they can’t trust And because of that They act in ways that can’t be trusted. This is not the kind of life I want to live If this is a game for them I don’t want to play I’d rather not stay Around for…… Continue reading I’d rather not

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Mister selfish

You fucked up royally this time There won’t be a next User Abuser Loser You are those things by the way you choose to behave Cause you are aware But right now You really don’t care How to treat others Cause you’re so consumed with treating yourself To everyone and everything you please Remember this…… Continue reading Mister selfish

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Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover
a hundred and one ways to die

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there’s no other way

there’s no other way and no other day to say goodbye all the things i would, would not and could never say but now i need to go away i really did try day after day just to get by some things are for letting go some things we must learn to let die

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Cut #5423

Whatever is right or wrong There is no right or wrong of that Way back when You can’t rehash over shit that is so far gone in days And so far drunk is haze That memory does nothing To separate the days And fact becomes fiction. fiction becomes fable And You and i are not…… Continue reading Cut #5423

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