Is anyone out there like me?

It may be

That I don’t want to see

All the things I see

And maybe I don’t want to be

This person who is me

Who am I anyway?

Am I just what others say?

Or maybe just yesterday I meant something

To you

But not today

Today we’re through

maybe I don’t want to feel

Everything I thought was real

Perhaps you feel quite alright

With throwing me away tonight

With doing things that hurt me more

With all of me you choose to ignore

And maybe I don’t want to stay

Maybe I don’t want to play

This stupid game

this stupid me

Maybe I just want to be


From living

This stupid life

Maybe I don’t want the strife

It hurts my heart

To have to defend

What most of you can’t comprehend

Or Maybe I just can’t

And don’t want to pretend

Maybe I just want the end

-kyoko cole


One thought on “Is anyone out there like me?

  1. zaroffpoetry April 12, 2018 / 5:07 am

    Good write questioning who you are and what to do. this life is often fickle and it’s hard to catch a best piece of advice is keep writing until you hate it and then you’ve found yourself and you have a body of work to back up the entire thought process.i blinked and now i’ve written almost 500 poems.everyone can be their own powerhouse of feelings, i believe in you. the gunshot, arrow, and stab wounds in our hearts heal if we give it enough time, but they’ll always be phantom pains and scars.

    good write.


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