It’s better next to someone else

Sex Kisses Beds Pillows Rooms Conversation Love Nights Spent with another Is so much better Than any night I Ever spent with you Under covers Under lovers Under and over Bodies limbs Tangled up And wrapped up in Each other The feel Of Electric skin We begin As we fall And as we sleep Together … Continue reading It’s better next to someone else

3 am visit

I love the nights Where someone You love Loves you back And Shows you something You needed to learn needed to know needed to remember About yourself About life about love And it fills that empty space in your heart That you couldn't fill on your own That you almost believed would never be filled … Continue reading 3 am visit

playground love

love right nowyesterday is gone and tomorrow doesn't exist right now is all we actually have Tell me what i'm supposed to do, With all these left over feelings of love; 'Cause i like to fall into the i don't know when i do i can feel you And tell me love how i'm supposed … Continue reading playground love