Everything was not

i see stars
and bible thumpers
bloom and gloom
like the sound
of the man
ready for doom
I put my spell on you
just like before
only now
I am dancing
on the moonlight floor

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Sniff glue and worship Satan


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I think it’s perfectly clear we’re in the wrong band

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Time it was And what a time it was, it was A time of innocence A time of confidences Long ago it must be I have a photograph Preserve your memories They’re all that’s left you.

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Break something…

i’ve been stuck in a rut for too long but i let myself get there and now i’m letting myself get the fuck out out out i wanna shout shoutSHOUT!!!! damn all you manipulators damn all you messengers of doubt all your projection i need protection from you your soul suck and mind fuck there’s…… Continue reading Break something…

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You gotta kill yourself before you kill everybody else

I want you to LOVE me as my broken self Just like you want others to do for you But it ain’t easy And it ain’t gonna ever happen With someone who just gives up   I need strength when I ain’t strong I am strength when others are weak But right now  I seek…… Continue reading You gotta kill yourself before you kill everybody else

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Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover
a hundred and one ways to die

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there’s no other way

there’s no other way and no other day to say goodbye all the things i would, would not and could never say but now i need to go away i really did try day after day just to get by some things are for letting go some things we must learn to let die

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a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

a.d. w. a. y. ? August 4, 2011 at 4:24am you would write a thing or two and toss it a million ways around the net- -work it’s way aross the many screens i didn’t think twice when it would sometimes hit me sometimes miss me. but now i find myself missing you you were…… Continue reading a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

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selfish selfish little man

He follows He creeps He reaps What is mine He takes every inch Every chance he gets And makes his opinion Get all over me He abuses the right Of something free he over steps lines And stomps ALL over me He has no regard No care No respect No grace He needs a good…… Continue reading selfish selfish little man

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