wake up

don’t give away your freedom. don’t give away your rights. don’t believe everything you read or hear. use critical thinking. fact check. the media does not have your best interest at heart


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*respect is the key.

if we don’t agree with someone else’s views – ask questions- debate- do some research and state facts- but be respectful at all times. listen to one another. sometimes I think the majority of the problems in society start with not fully listening to one another and be too REACTIVE. Have an open mind and an open heart. i can honestly say that holding on to a set of beliefs so tightly and not wanting to hear anyone else’s perspective because of my “beliefs”, actually made me stupid. belief is a strong word… and a belief. in something that’s so strong without knowing and having an understanding of the other sides is dangerous. I try to be careful with my beliefs whether it be over use of the word itself or quickly subscribing to a belief without knowing all the facts and educating myself on the opposing views that are different than my own.

anyways – I’m am not pro or anti trump… what I mean by that is I accept he is our president and have respect for our country enough to act like an adult and to know that I am lucky in many ways to be an American. i posed this question because so many people hate our president and have no problems defacing property with crude and vulgar remarks about him, have no problem burning the American flag because of their disappointment in him getting voted into office… talk shit about our president on public forums and act pretty badly whenever speaking about him. in my opinion- by showing no respect for the man who was elected our president of the United States of America – makes us look bad. not to mention divided…and like little whiney baby’s who didn’t get our way. if we want to be treated with respect we have to be respectful regardless if we hate or love the guy. if you don’t agree with something he’s done or said… that’s fine and totally your right to voice it – but in a civil manner. maybe dive deeper into educating and researching how different media gets fed differently in different parts of the US. Maybe try to look for something positive he’s doing (if you don’t like him) and if you do like him try to understand the reasons behind why others don’t.

I think I can say as an American citizen – born and raised in California – I work hard for the money I make. I am not racist, I’m am not privileged, I’m not unkind. I am for people. my biggest concern is we have to be right as a country and help ourselves first and find a way together as Americans before we can help anyone else. I’m not opposed to people who come here from other countries and want to stay here because they may have more opportunities out here than where they are from. I think that is what America is made of and that’s why you find the most diversity out here than anywhere else in the world. However, if you do want to come and stay in America then do it the right way. Do it like my grandmother from Japan did in the 1950s. BECOME A CITIZEN. PAY TAXES LIKE THE REST OF US.
why would anyone get angry at us citizens wanting that from non-US citizens living out here illegally? think about that for a moment. if I went to any other country and decided I wanted to stay and live out there- I would have to do it the right way. once my visa was up- they would send me back – no if ands or butts.

you may hate my views on this subject but if you knew me and how much I want this world to be a better place you would understand that what I’m saying doesn’t come from a place of hate. it comes from a place of love and doing the right thing. Anyone who works hard to earn however much they make deserve that money from working hard. I love to help those who are in real need of help. I just feel that too many people out there who need to LEARN to help themselves. Some people are just lazy and take advantage of the system and the help they received. … I treat everyone I meet – with respect. it doesn’t mater to me what color you are or where you come from, how much money you have, how you look, or what you own. it’s how you conduct yourself that matters. how much integrity you have and kindness you share. it is about hard work. what you put in is what you’ll get in return.

I was going to continue with my thoughts on this but realized that i’m getting off course a bit. my question that I asked at the beginning of this post was no more than me being curious. not everyone is going to think and feel the same- but we should be able to voice our thoughts and opinions without cutting below the belt or getting out of control.

anyways I hope all of you have a beautiful and fulfilling day. please post your answers, feelings and thoughts in the comments below.

thank you. πŸ™‚

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the master of make-believe



i knew this day would come at last

i lived waiting for the end to come in fast

waiting for it

waiting for you

you handsome devil and the harm you can do

i knew better than get too close

i had little to nothing for you

but somewhere in between sheets and bodies turned upside down

turned hearts around

and waiting for the end

begins to start

soft sweet dangerous skin

didn’t even see you creep on in

in the back of my mind i know : I’m just another girl

one more notch on your belt

one more link on your chain

then jump on out with the next passing train

you kind ain’t my kind.

you charmed my ass blind

yes mister man… you are good. so very good at what you do

sweet talker fast walker

you get around

but it still didn’t stop me til then

and when

i got lost looking for you

looking all around

it was then that i found

only an empty space

a fleeting face

not even a sound

in a silent forgotten room

with just the shadow of a friend

-only playing pretend

the makings of an end.

leaking hearts

dancing in echoes

i dance alone

the only remains of you

remains unknown

the master of love ’em and leave

you are the king of make-believe


-kyoko cole 2008Β Β link to the original post from my blog: the burning of the midnight lamp; the owl of minerva


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