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Universal Truth Needles and Pins Locked out from love Art by kyoko cole Love lost Studio of death Happy Kissmas!!! Circle Girl Colors Ashes to Ashes Friends forever Booze + magnets = poetry magic Downtown brion

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The night I touched the moon

i grabbed the moon and the stars started to scream i almost broke the skyWhy moon why? Everything I saw was beautiful It made me cry

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why do I write?

why do I write? I write to express myself. I write to create. I write to discover. I write because I can’t NOT do it. I write because I enjoy writing. I write to share a little bit about myself and to learn a lot about myself. I write cause I’m inspired. I write to…… Continue reading why do I write?

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At the end of the stars there is love

by myself
crushed and flooded
by the fall of you

the moonlight
would laugh at me
if he could

I found sanity in the bottle
the wind catches a thought
with my heart in limbo

I must be lost
in a mess
of sadness

just like me
it was hiding

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In Geneva no one can hear you scream

Time is a tick of the mind Where we once belonged Has gone far away Today And now Black smoke Beautiful losers A shout in the street Start to fade All that we made Is born to die A brief history of time Obsession Old lovers Under freeway balconies Nude naked and stripped Secrets behind…… Continue reading In Geneva no one can hear you scream

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Color box

Don’t ever let the adult you Grow up so much That the child you Dies Break out the box of crayons (if you still have ’em) Buy a box (if ya don’t) Turn off your mind And just color like you did When you were a kid Free from worry Free from judgement Free from…… Continue reading Color box

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Time it was And what a time it was, it was A time of innocence A time of confidences Long ago it must be I have a photograph Preserve your memories They’re all that’s left you.

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Break something…

i’ve been stuck in a rut for too long but i let myself get there and now i’m letting myself get the fuck out out out i wanna shout shoutSHOUT!!!! damn all you manipulators damn all you messengers of doubt all your projection i need protection from you your soul suck and mind fuck there’s…… Continue reading Break something…

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Wednesday night

I Was feeling sad Rejected Unwanted Then someone called my name Then another person bought me flowers But it still didn’t feel the same. I’m grateful for this who cared In a moment when someone did not But I guess I just caught Feelings In a moment For someone I should have thought twice about…… Continue reading Wednesday night

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