saturday morning 8am

a man crying in the alley saturday morning no one knew he  was there but me i found him trying to lose myself down that same alley way to hide away from you and the world and the knowing and feeling of how fucked i am and how fucked i make everything i love i … Continue reading saturday morning 8am

pale shelter

inside your song i can hear you speak to me and you say all of the things you could you would never say to me otherwise without something to hide your truth behind without some way to mask what you really feel the only truth i get from you is presented as a lie hidden … Continue reading pale shelter

Adams for peace

"If you're frightened of dyin and you're holding on...Youll see devils tearing your life away.But...if youve made your peace,Then the devila are really angelsFreeing you from the earth.....from the earth....from the earth" Tonight's show was beautiful But it made me realize This whole thing isn't for me. I don't belong here  

put it down –

stop the cycle spin out of control - i can end this right now by ending any future pass down of shit that my crazy breeds everyone in my family just keeps it going like they have to pass on something fucked just to make them feel less fucked but i see that maybe there … Continue reading put it down –

it’s what you do

    i'm a whore   i'm a bitch   i'm a taker   i'm a faker-   i'm a liar   i'm addicted   i'm a loser   i'm a user.   i'm a pig   i'm a waste i'm a fool i'm a tool.   i'm a monster i'm a cunt i'm a … Continue reading it’s what you do