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Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover
a hundred and one ways to die

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a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

a.d. w. a. y. ? August 4, 2011 at 4:24am you would write a thing or two and toss it a million ways around the net- -work it’s way aross the many screens i didn’t think twice when it would sometimes hit me sometimes miss me. but now i find myself missing you you were…… Continue reading a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

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Black Velvet Sugar

BLACK VELVET SUGAR The soft moss swimming; It is the dying spirit. Desiring, I hide. Pink shore, serene breeze. The flat, upright sparkle shines. Lost moon, velvet spirit. Walk, swim. Drown With blunt leaves Wither, decline. With sharp flames Write, fade: fluttering. Purple, tender, falling, Your eyes sits in wait A mermaid arises, Declining, shining.…… Continue reading Black Velvet Sugar

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pale shelter

inside your song i can hear you speak to me and you say all of the things you could you would never say to me otherwise without something to hide your truth behind without some way to mask what you really feel the only truth i get from you is presented as a lie hidden…… Continue reading pale shelter

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my new buddy down the street

repulsive epic episodes murky borderland adorns with rust collecting dust flailing catacombs we are dying undead and dead over and over again and again longingly crying in craving rigidly darkly, gaily and grey mint squirms, doleful last we are the gone not going anywhere mirrors go nowhere mirrors the nowhere fast in the middle of…… Continue reading my new buddy down the street

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you’re my friend… but i’m starting to fall for you… hard. and i hate it

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