Why? If God exists then why would he/she want us to suffer? It makes no sense It's cruel And unfair And I hate this so called God Or whoever Whatever Is in charge Of taking Away The things ( that aren't just things) I love If there is a God... Why would you do this? … Continue reading Interrupted

4:14 am Sunday morning

It's raining and I'm sitting in my car outside my house. I am alone And I feel nothing but cold When you die You die alone And I will not go to your funeral No one will I will not visit your grave I will not cry For I have no tears Left For what … Continue reading 4:14 am Sunday morning


A night A fuck A sore A bore It's hard to ignore The lack of care In your stare Unaffected Disconnected It's the way People in this town Seem to be Now And this apathy Is making me Want to get the fuck out Of this And jump into Something new.

At the end of the stars there is love

i'm lost and weird without you here. garden of sorrow.

by myself
crushed and flooded
by the fall of you

the moonlight
would laugh at me
if he could

I found sanity in the bottle
the wind catches a thought
with my heart in limbo

I must be lost
in a mess
of sadness

just like me
it was hiding


Now that you're gone I have no one by my side To help me through That person was always you Now i feel the loneliness Of being truly alone You were the greatest friend I have ever known That this world has ever shown I'm not alright I'm not okay Just take me back To … Continue reading Chris

My one wish

artwork by kyoko cole

If I ever had a connection with anyone Right now is the time to feel me I can't speak the words I can't move I can't go to you I need you to feel me And do something Or not Maybe that's the way it needs to be But if that's the case Then nothing … Continue reading My one wish

When I die

When I Die Lush LYRICS If you walked in now I wouldn't start I wouldn't frown And if you just appeared I wouldn't cry or think it weird 'Cause you are still around You're in the air, you're in the ground And you can't go away I am afraid you're here to stay Friends don't … Continue reading When I die

Someday never comes 

Busted pieces Faulty parts Dead eyes Cold hearts There's no use in trying To save what's sunk There's no use in holding On to what's junk The city of stars Is under a starless sky The city of sunshine Is where light comes to die It's a fraud It's a fake It's the kind of … Continue reading Someday never comes 

You gotta kill yourself before you kill everybody else

I want you to LOVE me as my broken self Just like you want others to do for you But it ain't easy And it ain't gonna ever happen With someone who just gives up   I need strength when I ain't strong I am strength when others are weak But right now  I seek … Continue reading You gotta kill yourself before you kill everybody else