The sound of silence

I understand you. Your silence speaks volumes The ghost of you haunts me and it will not go away I don't agree with everything you did to me Or how you thought about me But I was good to you And loved you More than I've ever loved anyone And you treat me like a … Continue reading The sound of silence

Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover
a hundred and one ways to die

there’s no other way

there's no other way and no other day to say goodbye all the things i would, would not and could never say but now i need to go away i really did try day after day just to get by some things are for letting go some things we must learn to let die

Not your ex

Treat me like I am But I'm not. Treat me like I am I don't care. And I won't So I.dont And you Can Do whatever you like Say whatever you will. Fill whatever you fill Love somebody else And I will do the same. You don't want to play this game But you do … Continue reading Not your ex


I will not have you Act like you did nothing But be clear About something That was never clear I will not Have you Matter to me More than I matter to you I will look at this And see it for what it is And look at you and see you for how you … Continue reading Sometimes


Time press Ink press Pressure press her down Under and pull one over on her over head Of clouds -- Time stamp Life stamp tramp stamp Stomp around going Up and COMING down The disabled ramp excuse me - i mean - the ramp for the disabled We could be together if we really tried if … Continue reading Stained

Adams for peace

"If you're frightened of dyin and you're holding on...Youll see devils tearing your life away.But...if youve made your peace,Then the devila are really angelsFreeing you from the earth.....from the earth....from the earth" Tonight's show was beautiful But it made me realize This whole thing isn't for me. I don't belong here