You were great I'll miss you We will all miss you Forever...

Someday never comes 

Busted pieces Faulty parts Dead eyes Cold hearts There's no use in trying To save what's sunk There's no use in holding On to what's junk The city of stars Is under a starless sky The city of sunshine Is where light comes to die It's a fraud It's a fake It's the kind of … Continue reading Someday never comes 

Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover a hundred and one ways to die

a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

a.d. w. a. y. ? August 4, 2011 at 4:24am you would write a thing or two and toss it a million ways around the net- -work it's way aross the many screens i didn't think twice when it would sometimes hit me sometimes miss me. but now i find myself missing you you were … Continue reading a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

It’s not my time or maybe it’s exactly that

I might have let it get to me What I feel What I see What is what What is not I don't know What is real i don't know much of what is other than what i feel And what's really to be What you do and do not show And what all is left … Continue reading It’s not my time or maybe it’s exactly that

i used to write (i’m writing now)

finding the way through fears. finding myself and the freedom that comes from knowing thy self.

the last thing i’ll ever write about you

kyoko cole art

via burning of the midnight lamp- the owl of minerva: the last thing i’ll ever write about you.   in passing through the night through the dark it only takes a moment for you to pull me in--- this isn't something i asked for or maybe i did (long ago) but i didn't ask for … Continue reading the last thing i’ll ever write about you

the ghost of my friends

This is not a prison. This is a trap. I am the bait. ___________________________________________________________ Having balls is a good thing having raw passion is a good thing and a rare thing. To have both passion AND balls is what makes someone great. I miss the great ones I miss the lovers and the dreamers/creators I … Continue reading the ghost of my friends

in between the moon and you

we retreat now you and i are - hidden. for awhile people in shadows we lay low in the dark can't talk to you can't talk to me as it goes back now  like we are like we were like we sometimes always seem to do when time trips and slips and fades to and through in front of … Continue reading in between the moon and you

Fuck off

If you aren't true If you don't like what I do If you feel the need to bark At me - some dumb little remark Some passive yet aggressive way to convey What you won't come out and say And you wonder why I hide away From all the people like you Who do things … Continue reading Fuck off