In Geneva no one can hear you scream

Time is a tick of the mind Where we once belonged Has gone far away Today And now Black smoke Beautiful losers A shout in the street Start to fade All that we made Is born to die A brief history of time Obsession Old lovers Under freeway balconies Nude naked and stripped Secrets behind … Continue reading In Geneva no one can hear you scream

To be ignored

to be ignored By the person you truly love Is the worst feeling in the world.

Low vibe mister

Avoid Avoid A void Is all you It's all you do Anything that takes some work makes you take off sets you off You have something to prove The way you move Shows an anger That has built Over time the way you deal Is by not dealing at all one question leads you to … Continue reading Low vibe mister

sagesse rétrospective

What happened between usWas the best thingFor meRight nowTu n'es pas bon pour moi

Someday never comes 

Busted pieces Faulty parts Dead eyes Cold hearts There's no use in trying To save what's sunk There's no use in holding On to what's junk The city of stars Is under a starless sky The city of sunshine Is where light comes to die It's a fraud It's a fake It's the kind of … Continue reading Someday never comes 


what good is it if it isn't good anymore? what if i don't know how to get it back to good i don't depression is a mother-fucker it's really lonely here and i want out      

Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover a hundred and one ways to die

a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

a.d. w. a. y. ? August 4, 2011 at 4:24am you would write a thing or two and toss it a million ways around the net- -work it's way aross the many screens i didn't think twice when it would sometimes hit me sometimes miss me. but now i find myself missing you you were … Continue reading a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

selfish selfish little man

He follows He creeps He reaps What is mine He takes every inch Every chance he gets And makes his opinion Get all over me He abuses the right Of something free he over steps lines And stomps ALL over me He has no regard No care No respect No grace He needs a good … Continue reading selfish selfish little man

It’s not my time or maybe it’s exactly that

I might have let it get to me What I feel What I see What is what What is not I don't know What is real i don't know much of what is other than what i feel And what's really to be What you do and do not show And what all is left … Continue reading It’s not my time or maybe it’s exactly that