Killing trees

Paper plates And landscapes Rain drops too And morning dew All of the things that remind me of you Won't leave me alone Won't go away But I can't keep you If you don't want to stay the dead and I Won't go our separate ways But you do it's easy too Nothing ever sticks … Continue reading Killing trees

Somebody that I used to know

Quitters always believe the lies they tell themselves because delusion is easier to live with than the reality that they settled for an easier path. -Shannon L. Alder Evil loves to subvert all blame onto the innocent. -E.A. Bucchianeri, Vocation of a Gadfly (Gadfly Saga, #2) In the narcissist's world being accepted or cared for … Continue reading Somebody that I used to know

High-Functioning Anxiety and Depression – Bridges to Recovery

High-Functioning Anxiety and Depression – Bridges to Recovery — Read on Yupp. 😔

Everything was not

i see stars
and bible thumpers
bloom and gloom
like the sound
of the man
ready for doom
I put my spell on you
just like before
only now
I am dancing
on the moonlight floor


Now that you're gone I have no one by my side To help me through That person was always you Now i feel the loneliness Of being truly alone You were the greatest friend I have ever known That this world has ever shown I'm not alright I'm not okay Just take me back To … Continue reading Chris

Do you understand me?

No. Not at all Never. Not willing Not capable Not true. Not wanting Not caring maybe. But I saw it once When he maybe cared Maybe wanted to Maybe willing Maybe the demons in his head Were on vacation Or tired. Cause even demons need a break too I don't know All I can say … Continue reading Do you understand me?

An itch

He's got an itch To turn the switch In the snap of a finger He's a dead ringer For Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide Which side? Is he gonna be on now? Watch what you say... And you better obey !!! cause it's only his way or the highway he refuses to meet halfway I … Continue reading An itch

To be ignored

to be ignored By the person you truly love Is the worst feeling in the world.

When I die

When I Die Lush LYRICS If you walked in now I wouldn't start I wouldn't frown And if you just appeared I wouldn't cry or think it weird 'Cause you are still around You're in the air, you're in the ground And you can't go away I am afraid you're here to stay Friends don't … Continue reading When I die

You brought truth in a dream

You told me the truth In a dream last night You showed me what I already had known was true But to see you and her... Right here Right there Made me aware That I was never the one you really loved You love her still and always will And in my dream I felt … Continue reading You brought truth in a dream

Low vibe mister

Avoid Avoid A void Is all you It's all you do Anything that takes some work makes you take off sets you off You have something to prove The way you move Shows an anger That has built Over time the way you deal Is by not dealing at all one question leads you to … Continue reading Low vibe mister