Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover a hundred and one ways to die

It’s not my time or maybe it’s exactly that

I might have let it get to me What I feel What I see What is what What is not I don't know What is real i don't know much of what is other than what i feel And what's really to be What you do and do not show And what all is left … Continue reading It’s not my time or maybe it’s exactly that


I will not have you Act like you did nothing But be clear About something That was never clear I will not Have you Matter to me More than I matter to you I will look at this And see it for what it is And look at you and see you for how you … Continue reading Sometimes

post it note

if you spend your time trying to figure out what's "best" for you, your choices will be cautions, your decisions will take forever, and your journey will be launched on a sea of expectations.  if you are not careful, you will drown in your expectations