MacGyver and me

Late night meeting He comes A groan withdraws Within the pardon I need a distraction I need his diversion Another night aborts around the twelve turnaround Moving through the halo of numbers Choking the hands of time This outline destines the viable trigger Will he shake the smallest moon? Or shake a farewell And make … Continue reading MacGyver and me


Time it was And what a time it was, it was A time of innocence A time of confidences Long ago it must be I have a photograph Preserve your memories They're all that's left you.

I don’t even try

Morning sun slips in Through the blacks of My eyes A second away from night A moment away from sight And many moons and days away from you Feels like years now since we were we I know you've moved on to worse things that make you feel better At least for now And I … Continue reading I don’t even try

6 am feels

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Broken window screen The kind of blinds I hate But the cool cold 6 am air Comes in Makes my skin tingle Makes my flesh jump Excites the parts of my body that Excite my everything Makes me want to feel Again

Someday never comes 

Busted pieces Faulty parts Dead eyes Cold hearts There's no use in trying To save what's sunk There's no use in holding On to what's junk The city of stars Is under a starless sky The city of sunshine Is where light comes to die It's a fraud It's a fake It's the kind of … Continue reading Someday never comes 

Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover a hundred and one ways to die

a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

a.d. w. a. y. ? August 4, 2011 at 4:24am you would write a thing or two and toss it a million ways around the net- -work it's way aross the many screens i didn't think twice when it would sometimes hit me sometimes miss me. but now i find myself missing you you were … Continue reading a.d.w.a.y – (something i wrote exactly 4 years ago tonight)

Not your ex

Treat me like I am But I'm not. Treat me like I am I don't care. And I won't So I.dont And you Can Do whatever you like Say whatever you will. Fill whatever you fill Love somebody else And I will do the same. You don't want to play this game But you do … Continue reading Not your ex


I will not have you Act like you did nothing But be clear About something That was never clear I will not Have you Matter to me More than I matter to you I will look at this And see it for what it is And look at you and see you for how you … Continue reading Sometimes

the ghost of my friends

This is not a prison. This is a trap. I am the bait. ___________________________________________________________ Having balls is a good thing having raw passion is a good thing and a rare thing. To have both passion AND balls is what makes someone great. I miss the great ones I miss the lovers and the dreamers/creators I … Continue reading the ghost of my friends