Read between the fine print

Is it just a minor glitch? Or Did they flip the major switch? Maybe we were powered down Like little robots held spellbound Held captive under their cloak Your truth is just their joke That most of you folks believe But mark my words they got something up their sleeve I don't know what's coming … Continue reading Read between the fine print

Mister selfish

You fucked up royally this time There won't be a next User Abuser Loser You are those things by the way you choose to behave Cause you are aware But right now You really don't care How to treat others Cause you're so consumed with treating yourself To everyone and everything you please Remember this … Continue reading Mister selfish

Amateurs (don’t take things or this so seriously)

thirteen ways to kill your lover a hundred and one ways to die


You wanna trash this?  You want me to hate you cause you're still you You might have quit the booze and the drugs But you ain't got much to show for it  With a mouth like yours  Why would anybody stick around?  You're too much  Too little  Too soon  Too late  Too fucking annoying.  I … Continue reading Bullshit 

Ex wife

Ex wife Get a life Of your own Stop Stalking Someone (me) You don't know It's weird And creepy And lame on you To be so interested in me Don't be a troll That talks shit Like your opinion actually matters.  Like you matter...  Don't be a catty bitch I find it amusing You're too … Continue reading Ex wife